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About Us & Our Principles

Founded by members whose minds are obsessed to create a different yet better products & solutions for people via information technology. Solazu offers you with any projects size with the fast growing & scalable team including designers, developers, creative thinkers…

Clients focus
Strong contributor to the overall success of a business and involves ensuring that all aspects of the projects put our customers' satisfaction first by maintaining an effective customer relations and service programs.
Cutting Edge technology
Through the years, IT industry have introduced a lot of new technologies intended to make life a lot more convenient for humans. We believe that with our chosen cutting edge & powerful technology can help some effort in shaping everyone business & bring positive changes to our daily lives.
Quality Output
We provide qualitative, consistent and secure applications to implement complete IT quality management in our software development & services in Quality Assurance and Quality Control. Our QA engineers are equipped which intuitive & effective tools in a scrum agile development model with bug tracking, source control (i.e. SVN, git), autotest (Selenium) and Project Management (Trello, Asana...).
Work Ethic
Be clear on setting role expectations, goals and build a high performance with high quality output culture. To us, PM is a role not a position. All Solazuer is aware of the ownership of the work with a can-do-attitude.
what we do
Our Services & Expertise

Our services varies from a lot of business domains & fields but not limited to:

Mobile Application, Loyalty Platform, SaaS
There's a saying "Try To Serve, Not To Sell"; Mobile Ecommerce, Loyalty Platform, Data-Driven Analysis, and the whole ecosystem around Customer Relationship Management & Engagement are created towards keeping and engaging your existing customers.
Big Enterprise Solutions
Our top technicians used to play leading roles to develop big systems from scratch for big Enterprises such as Line, NEC, Hitachi, IBM, Toshiba...in various domains such as Travel, Resident Management, Oil, Booking, Mobile E-commerce, Digital Signage, Education, Property Management...
Digital Product Design & Development
We not only create products on our own but also help to develop digital products from the others. We not only consult during development but also are a part of the client team to push things & make sure they suit the best direction possible.
Software Outsourcing Services & Human Resource Support
We provide software outsourcing services to some startups (multi-million funded) in Silicon Valley, San Francisco. We believe we share the same language, culture, mindset, and the power of technology-driven solutions. We also provide high-quality IT human resources to our partners in Vietnam, Japan, Canada, UK, US.
SaaS, Mobile Commerce, Loyalty, CRM
AI, Big Data, Machine Learning, R&D
Frontend (ReactJS, React Native, SASS, JavaScript, jQuery, AngularJS, HTML...)
UI/UX Design (Web, Mobile, Application, GUI design)
Human Resource Provider (IT developers, Testers,...)
Backend (NodeJS, PHP Lavarel, RoR, Python, Java, MySQL, PostGresQL, MongoDB...)
how we work

Our workflow is created based on simple 4″Ds process

1. Drafting
Meeting & studying actual requirement.
Confirm understanding, discussion, consult & create draft concept.
Create wireframe & system workflow.
2. Design
Analyze business logic, requirement, purpose of the system & working on project plan, function design.
Create detailed business logic & workflow, database...
Design user interface, user experience.
3. Develop
Integrate design & development into one entity and bring clients' idea to life.
Our function, quality, experience tests will give an output as a perfect & effective system/application.
4. Delivery
Get things Done!
Release the final output to clients.
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For Collaborations, Questions Or just A Chitchat, feel free to contact us. We are also looking forward to getting your contributions, comments & feedback to improve our works and together we are A team to make things better.

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